A Love Letter to Leopard

I am a big advocate for a regular wardrobe purge, and for not being too attached to clothing. I’ve got an incredibly active eBay page, and regularly drag hugely stuffed bags to Oxfam for donation. But there’s always the few items that, for whatever reason, I cannot shake.

Like the albatross around my neck, leopard print hangs onto me irrespective of my style. I have loved leopard print for a long, long time; a passionate, enduring love that, even as my style changed and was subjected to trend after trend, was the one constant in my wardrobe.

In summer 2014 I began my “minimalist” period, where I committed to a wardrobe largely based on black, white and grey. But my trusty leopard skirt from Topshop, purchased when I got paid the first month of my Gap Year for my sales associate job (the money which probably could’ve been saved for travelling), is something I always return to.

I don’t know whether I watched too many episodes of The Nanny as a kid, or whether, even earlier than that, The Flintstones had some enduring effect on my sartorial psyche, but for some reason, irrespective of whatever phase I go through, I always return to that patchy print. There’s something about the absolutely, unabashed trashiness of leopard, when seen, like here, in the form of a skin-tight pencil skirt, that is so appealing to me.. As a purveyor of things that are always a little off, leopard appeals to me for this exact reason.

So this is my love letter to leopard print, which, change as my style might, will always have a special place in my wardrobe and my heart, and, for a few leopard items, will always be safe from the threat of my eBay page.

Outfit: skirt and tee, both Topshop; boots, Kurt Geiger


Outfit: skirt and boots, as before; vest, ASOS



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