Cocktails with Chloe

If you haven’t heard of Home Sense, then you really need to make it your mission this week. Home Sense is essentially TK Maxx for home. Literally, I think it’s owned by the same people.

I was at Home Sense in January under the guise of helping my mum find homeware essentials: mugs, plates, the odd frying pan. However, Home Sense is not about what you need, it’s about what you want. So before long I found myself coveting any number of useless items, from neon signs (an arrow that I obviously pointed to my cooch), ugly dog paintings – you get the picture. Eventually I stumbled upon this, a glorious glass drinks dispensing wonder.

This is pretty much the stuff of my alcohol dreams. A giant glass tub that can both display and dispense my most favourite of concoctions. Pimms, experimental cocktails…beer – it is all going to go in this baby. My new best friend.

The inaugural outing for this bad boy was, of course, a GNO (Girls’ Night Out), and I invited my best friends round for what I referred to as an ‘alcoholic surprise’. I knew I needed the perfect drink for the maiden voyage of my glass tub. I’ve put the cocktail recipe below, and be warned, the measurements are speculative.


  • 2-3 x bottles of prossecco
  • As much gin as you can stomach
  • A dash of elderflower cordial to take the edge off and make you feel classy
  • A shit tonne of ice (but drink fast before the ice melts and compromises the integrity of the flavour).

And there you have it: my very first instructional blog post. If you can call this instructional. Perfect for parties and MADE for housing a lot of Pimms, this is going to be my crowning glory of hosting. Because when you can’t cook, really you need to break out the big guns.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.19.08.png


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