The Cubicle: The Story Behind the Toilet Door

I’m a big fan of a selfie. Always have been, ever since way before they added the front-facing camera to the iPhone. God, even before I had an iPhone. I just love a selfie. But more importantly, I love a selfie that captures my entire outfit. There’s something really endearing about an outfit photo taken in a mirror, with a messy bedroom as the backdrop or a stranger walking past as you snap yourself in the Topshop fitting rooms.

This love of a good outfit shot has seen me snapping my look wherever I find a full-length mirror, and, more often than not, this happens in a public toilet, because the other thing I have a lot of love for is the Ladies’ restroom. Regardless of whether this is a stereotype or not, women’s loos are really fun. There’s good chat and I always meet the best people in the loo, and if there’s somewhere to perch for a bit in the toilets, I will stop for a minute and take a break.

When I was in my second year of university, we’re talking 2012, I realised that I should turn all of these photos into a thing. And so, The Cubicle was born.

Initially a stand-alone blog, before I added it to my old blog and now have carried it through to The C Word, The Cubicle has seen me indulging in a self-snapped #ootd in so many different places, from fancy restaurants to gross communal toilets in clubs, to the toilet on a train or even on an airplane. It is my baby, the thing I love the most about my blog, because it is spontaneous and doesn’t involve a tripod and sometimes I look a state. If the loo is good, I take some snaps. Even if it isn’t, I usually snap it anyway.

So, The Cubicle is here for you to enjoy both my outfit and the toilets around the world that I visit. Bonus points if you guess my level of intoxication in each post.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.26.59.png


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