The Look: 90s Layering

Inspired by both cartoon icon Daria and the general shite weather, I have been experimenting with my layering of late. It started with a trip to American Apparel in search of a warm hat for an impending trip to the Czech Republic, and ended with me dropping some cash in the AA menswear sale. Of course. Before I knew it, I was elbow-deep in oversized stripe tees, without much of an idea of what to do with them.

As if struck by fashion lightning, I began layering the t-shirts over my longer-sleeved clothes in what can only be considered the most sensible, if incredibly unoriginal, sartorial development in my life. It enabled me to showcase my strong (if I do say so myself) tee collection, whilst ultimately remaining warm, which, if I subscribed to #goals, would be #winterdressinggoals achieved.

And so here we have it, me and a lot of clothes all at once. Considerably more clothing than I have been wearing in the past 6 months.

Outfit: jumper, American Apparel; jeans, Topshop; striped leotard, Missguided; boots, Zara




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