The Look: Grunge-Infused Florals

Pre-Christmas I was feeling in a mild style rut, feeling a little confused as to what my style actually is. I’d fallen into a bit of a ‘jeans and blouse’ funk that wasn’t exciting me, despite the presence of some great blouses. I was starting to feel like I didn’t know how I would define my style, and that bothered me. I’m not talking a full-blown sartorial crisis as such, which by an by I fall victim to on the reg. Rather, it was just a desire to expand my horizons. I figured what better way to solve this than a shopping trip, so off I went to Zara, which is where I found this little number.

The dress is not something I would typically buy, obviously, and yet when I tried it on it felt right. It’s like the love child of boho and grunge, a sort of 70s/90s amalgamation in the easy-going vibe of the floral, and yet the muted tones and almost slip dress quality feel like the perfect low-key feminine grunge look that I would love to emulate. What I love is that it’s easing me back into prints and also back into dresses, but allowing me to keep the same darker palette that I prefer, rather than be another boring floral dress.

This is about as buttoned up as I have been since September, which is unusual, but it’s nice to have warm boobs for once. And, you know, perhaps sometimes less is more? With a heeled boot is has the understated, sleek glamour of the Burberry A/W ’14 in the flowing shape and floral print. There are worse things I could do than emulate that collection, that’s for sure.

Eventually, through a few more purchase like this dress, I came to the realisation that perhaps it’s okay not to know exactly what my style is, because the real fun is in the deciding. And that is exactly what I’m doing with purchases like these.

Outfit: dress and boots, both Zara





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