Travel Diaries: Budapest

I’m gonna Budapest-er the hell out of you with all my puns in this post. I kid – you will have probably been sick of them already if you follow my Instagram, the home of the worst of all my puns. One weekend in October I popped off to Budapest for a weekend trip. I have always wanted to visit it, mainly because I heard a lot about the ruin bars and they looked pretty cool. Seems like a solid reason to visit anywhere, really.

So anyway off I went for what really was a bit of a whirlwind trip, landing late Friday night and jetting home late Sunday night (spoiler alter: the Stansted Express after 11pm is where dreams go to die).

We stayed near the massive synagogue which was perfect because it was by all the bars and restaurants. Our apartment, a little AirBnB number, was forest-themed, complete with a fake grass wall and forest-scene wallpaper. I kid you not. But odd as that sounds it was actually a really great space in a perfect location.

On Saturday I had hot wine for breakfast, always a winner, and explored the castle district which was beautiful. The old town is full of stunning old buildings and amazing views from higher up in the city. At night we hit up Big Fish, a seafood-lovers dream restaurant, and rambled around the ruin bars. Hungover from a lot of gin, the next day was spent closer to home checking out the gorgeous synagogue and the surrounding area, as well as attempting to abate my pounding head with capuccinos.

Budapest is a beautiful city and I definitely did not have enough time there, so I’ll be heading back in the spring to stay in another area and check it out further. And after all that I only made one Budapest-related pun. I’m leaving you Hung(a)ry for more!



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