Line Your Stomach: Poppy’s Thai

Thai has been my go-to take-out cuisine for a long, long time, since a Thai restaurant opened when I was still at school in the small village next to my small village at home in Kent. This was a great day for all of us, because it meant we could get some seriously good Thai as an alternative to going to the weird local Chinese restaurant. I say weird because it had this Elvis tribute, Elvis Chan, one Friday every month. So I’ve loved Thai food for a while now, with my standard grilled duck order, sticky rice (all to myself – I do not share rice), and I’m always ready to try a new Thai spot.

When my sister moved to Putney last September, my initial reaction was “oh god you’ll never see me, that’s far too far” in that obnoxious London way. She did, however, manage to lure me to Hammersmith under the promise of taking me to what she described as the best Thai.

Poppy’s Thai restaurant is tiny, it’s loud, it’s busy, and you have to walk through the kitchen to use the loo. It’s not new and most people have probably either heard of it or consider it their regular. But since my sister moved in September, I have been totally hooked. Mostly because if I ever want to eat out with her, she makes us go there. Seriously, she might as well have her own table, she’s there so much.

The best thing about it? Other than the fact that it’s BYOB, which instantly makes me love it, it’s got this amazing decor that’s like your nan’s house or some kind of antique store. Taxidermy all around the walls, huge ornate mirrors, weird fake plants and chintzy wallpaper create a homey environment. You can book so make sure to do so, because when I say it’s tiny, I really mean it. It probably seats about twenty people at capacity, and that’s at a push, so don’t take your rugby player friend there because he probably won’t fit through the door.

They’ll serve your gyoza in a mini shopping trolley and your prawn crackers in a basket, and you will get the grilled duck because it is delicious. Maybe slightly boring for some, but that’s my standard order. Take plentiful booze and a little cash (no cards) for a cheap night out with some delicious Thai food. Take-out is an option but if you really want the full experience then you need to get yourself down to Hammersmith.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 13.04.16.png


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