Make Mine a Margarita

I go through ups and downs with certain alcoholic beverages, and usually it’s self-inflicted. I can’t drink white wine after a few bad nights of overdoing the pinot. One bad East London night out got blamed on one mojito, and I haven’t had one in almost two years. Vodka I can take or leave, although the morning after vodka and coke feeling is not a pleasant one. I used to be a dedicated drinker of the Long Island Iced Tea, but that ended after the realisation that you can’t drink more than three in a night. Well, you can, but you’ll end up FaceTiming your flatmate on the way home asking her to help you make your Pot Noodle. At 8pm.

Luckily for me, the same summer that I swore off mojitos was also the summer that I discovered the margarita. Whilst travelling the East Coast of America with my best friend, we stumbled across a Mexican-themed bar in New York and I, having only recently had The Mojito Experience, was struggling to find an alternative. On a whim I ordered a margarita, and it was love at first sip. I was going to say love at first rim but I thought god, that’s really quite dirty. But I said it anyway.

Since that summer in 2014, I have loved margaritas in all shapes and sizes. Well not all sizes, just large. Anyone who says size doesn’t matter has never had a tiny margarita served to them in Tokyo that was essentially a shot. That’s me, that happened to me. Margaritas are refreshing, they’re fun, you can make a whole bucket load and share with all your friends – it’s a sociable drink, in my opinion. It’s got a bite to it because of the salt, and you can have a lot of fun with a margarita. Make it smoky, add some beer and make a Largarita, freeze that sucker and make a summertime slushy. Whatever you want, you can just at -ita to the end and call it a cocktail.

My perfect margarita conditions are these:

1 – A really nice tumbler, because good glassware enhances the margarita experience. Do not put it in a martini glass firstly because I will spill the majority of it, and secondly because the margarita is a robust drink, and it deserves a robust, strong glass. Not anything with a stem. I’m a fan of the glasses found at Wahaca, which probably isn’t ‘cool’ but I’m too busy appreciating glassware to notice.

2 – A salty rim, perhaps maybe with a little spice if you’re feeling adventurous, all the way around the glass. I don’t like the half rim because I want all the salt to enhance my tequila. I don’t need a break from the saltiness.

3 – A shit tonne of ice. Not to fill up the glass because you’re stingy with your booze, but to make sure that my tequila is really, really cold. Big ice cubes, not crushed because that will make the drink slushy and if I want a slushy margarita, I will order a frozen one.

That’s basically it because I’m really not fussy, and I’m not trying to play like I’m a low key margarita expert because really, I just love tequila, pure and simple.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 13.42.18.png


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