Line Your Stomach: Dirty Bones

I feel like there is such an abundance of ‘dirty’ food restaurants in London now that I find it hard to discern whether or not I actually enjoy them individually, or rather the concept as a whole is what I enjoy. I’m a sucker for good decor and a strong theme, so even if somewhere isn’t bringing me the best burger of my life, I’ll probably still enjoy it. But I’ve sort of come to a point where I’m less obsessed with the whole craze, and whilst I love me some meat, I’ve been less than enthralled with a few of the most popular joints subscribing to this theme. Hence my reservations to commit to Dirty Bones, because I was unsure as to whether this would be another restaurant run by people way cooler than me. Luckily I gave it a chance, and was not disappointed.

I recently headed to the Kingly Court branch of Dirty Bones to finally check out what they have to offer. I’ve been meaning to go for a while because I’ve heard big things about their fried chicken and impressive cocktail menu.

The decor is super cool, with pinball machine tables, mix-and-match lampshades and a beautifully stocked bar as the centrepiece. Perfect for a big group looking for Sunday brunch, because it has a great vibe, decent space and really friendly staff!

I went for the fried chicken and waffles, because fried chicken is one of my favourite things. I consider myself a bit of a fried chicken connoisseur, so I was pleased that the Dirty Bones fried chicken lived up to my high standards. I’ve never tried teaming it with waffles and maple syrup, but the combo was delicious, and a perfect comfort meal for a Sunday afternoon.

Head over to their Kingly Court location on the weekend and indulge in the £15 bottomless prossecco – you will get your money’s worth during your two hour sitting, and the prossecco is not bad, not bad at all. I decided against the prossecco but instead went for beer and cocktails, and can highly recommend their Mezcal Old Fashioned. I was initially put out by the fact that the glass was only half full, but quickly realised that the lack of mixer made for a robust (and delicious) drink.

Take your friends, get a load of chicken and a shit tonne of prossecco, and you will be in for a great weekend lunch at Dirty Bones.







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