The Look: Cheetah Girl For Life

This post is not, I must state, inspired by The Cheetah Girls, lovely as I’m sure they are/were, because the only time I’ve come into contact with them is when one of them dated Robert Kardashian and played a pivotal role in many romantic montages on Keeping Up With The Kardashians when she left to go film a movie India. He got a tattoo of her name, she wore a lot of velour tracksuits…it was a love story to resonate with every young, modern couple.

My sister said to me the other week that my most enduring love affair of my life, sartorial or otherwise, has been my love affair with animal print. More specifically, leopard print. I don’t know whether that’s sad that my greatest achievement in terms of commitment to date has been to a print, let alone animal print, but I feel proud of it anyway.

It is a pretty accurate appraisal of my style choices, because I do return to leopard regardless of what mood or style wave I’m in during any period of life. And so here we are again, admiring yet another animal print item. If we’re being strict, this is technically cheetah, according to the Topshop website, which I’m fine with, because they’re all big cats, right?

And so, onwards I go wearing leopard with pride, the one print that will always hold a special place in my heart – and a large section of my wardrobe.




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