The Pursuit of Happiness…At the Bottom of a Cappuccino

Since graduating last July I’ve been working as a freelance writer. And no, that isn’t code for unemployed. Not always, anyway.

For the first few months I revelled in my freelance status, emphasis on the free if you know what I mean: I didn’t wear a bra or underwear a lot of the time. However, I soon realised that this was not the way to be a successful freelancer, because although it was incredibly airy, it actually made me kind of sad to be inside that much and I was worried I would become like the mythical mole people that live in the underground passages in London/any city.

As the new year rolled in, I decided that I would start making myself into a kind of Carrie Bradshaw without the rhetorical questions, unnecessarily complex love life, book deal or successful column. I also don’t drink Cosmos because I find them boring as a cocktail, and I don’t run out of the house in pyjamas, a fur coat and heels (that’s a slightly rogue reference to the lesser-lauded SATC movie, sorry purists). BUT Carrie was, and is, still my reference point for stock fashion writing figures. That and Ann Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, obviously – I’m expecting my thigh-high boots and Chanel-based make-over any day now. This meant getting up every day, putting on make-up and leaving the house. But leaving the house to go where? See, rhetorical question. I’m doing well already.

What Would Carrie Do? She’d probably love that question, for one thing, because she bloody loves a good question. I also like questions, so I think that means I’m on the right track. Do you think that if SATC was still on today, Carrie would enjoy a mindfulness colouring-in book? Or that she would watch Real Housewives of [insert preferred branch of the franchise]? Because that’s what I’m into, and I want to make sure I’m on the right track.

But more importantly, where would Carrie go? To be perfectly honest, she’s got that sick apartment in New York and the penchant for styling out her underwear as outerwear, so she probably wouldn’t leave the house to write. She would probably manage just fine from her little desk and revel in the fact that she’s living in New York asking loads of unanswered questions.

Luckily for me, I live in an area with a lot of great cafes with a lot of great cappuccinos. As such, I’m going to share the secrets to my freelance solace in the shape of a few recommendations.


My personal favourite, mostly because this cafe has found its home in an old public loo, which, for me, creator of The Cubicle, is a dream. Delicious food (try the brownie) and excellent coffee, the Attendant cafe is cosy and has super friendly staff. The small space has a clear cubicle influence, with retired hand dryers and a lot of porcelain around the walls, some great tiles and much of the original Victorian decor, making it very snap-worthy and a nice space to work in.



Amazing coffee and delicious cake. The downside is that there is no wifi, but if that means that I get some writing done uninterrupted by the chains of social media then perhaps it’s a good thing? If I wasn’t totally opposed to the concept of the ‘digital detox’ then I would drop that phrase. Great chocolate brownie, go for that and their water that is flavoured with a bunch of leaves (I don’t know what but I think its magic).



Never did I think I would find myself in a vegan cafe, but there you go. It’s got raw chocolate balls (and if that ever fails to make me giggle I don’t wanna live anymore) and really good coffee. It’s light and airy and has wifi which means I can get the proverbial shit done whilst enjoying a cappuccino and maybe a spot of kale something. The chocolate cake is delicious and I’m contemplating whether a flirtation with vegan life might help my career prospects, because I had one highly productive morning at Kin which I’m putting down to the aforementioned great lighting and superior cake.


Soho Grind

A favourite mostly because they serve alcohol, which means I can go #DeskToDrinks within minutes and have people come meet me there under the guise of meeting for cocktails somewhere cool, when in reality I’ve been there all day and didn’t want to move.



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  1. And the Cappuccino …at the bottom of those stairs????? 🙂


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