Earning My Body-Con Stripes

The thought of donning a skin-tight dress has always filled me with a trepidation. It’s not that I don’t love a tight top teamed with jeans, and we all know I’m a big fan of a leotard. But those outfits have the security of a belt breaking up the look, so it isn’t so…TIGHT. Even if it is. A belt separates each item so that the outfit isn’t like some kind of canvas exposing every lump and bump of my body.

It’s difficult to articulate why I slightly fear body-con dresses, because I am aware that it is probably a slightly irrational fear, but I doubt that it’s unique to me. When I hit 19 my body suddenly decided to develop. But rather than develop all over, I was just blessed with womanly hips and a butt that won’t quit. I love both of these things, but because the rest of me is small, I have always felt like I’ve got really weird proportions, and it has made me a clumsy dresser. It’s been difficult to figure out what shapes suit me or even what size I am because they need to invent a size 9 for women.

What I have realised, after years of wearing pleated, loose skirts, is that I actually don’t suit that, and really I should be accentuating these hips and wearing body-con to death. Finally, aged 23, I have realised this. So I have decided to be brave, put my big girl pants on (literally: I am wearing some form of Spanx in this photo), and embrace the shape that I am meant to wear.

So even if it does make me want to suck in every part of me, I am trying to embrace a body-con dress, because a girl can only wear jeans and a tee for so long. I’m a big believer in some tummy-tucking pants, so I’m putting my faith in them for this little number from Zara. I found it online during their Christmas sale and ordered it thinking that it would most likely be too small or that I would never wear it, but here we are, and I have indeed worn it out of the house. I’m trying to move away from the safety blanket of my jeans and belt, and get on board with a new look for myself.

Outfit: dress, Zara; boots, Carvela; double ring, & Other Stories; all other jewellery is Topshop.




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  1. Yes!! Love this, you should embrace every inch of you.


  2. Love them stripes on you! Well modeled, too!


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