The Edge of Warmth

In my head I have about 5 cultural references that influence my style over time. Not all at once, of course, but they all come into play at different moments of dressing. None of these sartorial references actually match up in any way, which has resulted in my slightly jumbled personal style. The only common thread is, I suppose, a slightly messy aesthetic and usually an emphasis on comfort.

One of them is that in my mind, whenever I put on a floral dress, I am Sienna Miller or Kiera Knightley in The Edge of Love. The film follows the life and loves of poet Dylan Thomas, and becomes much less about the poet and more about the relationship between his wife (Sienna) and lover (Kiera), and how the four of them (lover’s wife makes four) live together by the sea. It is a grand, sweeping romance, with lots of seaside scenes and, most importantly, a lot of floral tea dresses paired with oversized knits and wellies. Since seeing this film, I have sought to emulate their look in every way whenever I wear a floral dress of any description. The perfectly matte make-up including a bold red lip, the dishevelled hair, and the way that they could throw a man’s jumper over their dress and make it look effortless.

Now, I’ve never starred in a film about someone who someone else wrote poems about (I’ve never had poems written about me to be honest), and I haven’t worn old Chanel to get married in France, but I like to think that Sienna and Kiera would be friends with me if they saw this outfit. Maybe Kiera would let me hold her baby. Probably not. Either way, that film and their costumes throughout will always be my defining image of floral dresses.

Outfit: You’ve seen this Zara dress before, and now you’re seeing it again with a Zara jumper flung over it and teamed with, that’s right, Zara boots. Call me Sienna answers my emails.

Photographs by Sara Baena for MI.magazine: Find her work here and on Instagram.




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  1. Really well put together sweater and skirt. Looks warm…to! 🙂


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