Line Your Stomach: The Great Exhibition

What better way to celebrate a birthday than taking 20 gal pals to a bottomless brunch? Well, my sister could not think of a better way if she tried, and so off we went one chilly weekend in January to The Great Exhibition in Dulwich for a morning of mimosas and pancakes.

Not to be confused with the burned down exhibition hall, this Great Exhibition is a pub on Crystal Palace Road. It has a great, cosy atmosphere despite the large groups of people there solely for the bottomless mimosas or Bloody Mary’s, depending on what tickles your pickle. The deal is this: £25 will get you the aforementioned bottomless booze, a meal and bottomless tea and coffee (but who has time for that when there’s mimosas to be drunk?). It also comes with unlimited toast, which is good because you know, line your stomach.

I went for pancakes which I think was a mistake because if I’m brutally honest, they weren’t that great. They were really small. My mistake. Go for the pumpkin frittata, like my best friend did, and you will leave with the remains wrapped in foil because it is so tasty.

More importantly, the booze. The bottomless deal runs from 11am-2pm, which is a really, really long time and a lot of vitamin C. Obviously the main draw to the event, the bottomless mimosas are perfect for a large group looking for a fun way to lose a morning and an afternoon (and an evening if you make like me and go overboard).

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 10.51.36.png


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