We’re Going on a Style Hunt

After watching Love and seeing Gillian Jacobs’ killer style throughout that entire series, I realised that I was in one almighty style funk. I realise that I say this every six months and that it sounds like I’m asking for a pity party (I’m not), but seeing her character’s wardrobe made me realise that maybe if I just defined my style once and for all, then I wouldn’t have a mass ASOS frenzy every six months because I hate my entire wardrobe.

This post is sort of a way for me to figure out what I like and what I don’t like. I just ordered more stuff from ASOS that I probably can’t afford in an attempt to figure myself out once and for all and also to emulate Mickey from Love‘s every outfit because she is my new style icon. Think of this, if you will, as the sartorial equivalent to Oscar Wilde’s manifesto at the start of The Picture of Dorian Grey.*

First and foremost, I know I like things relatively simple. Save for the odd occasion dress that might have extra frills and pattern, I like clean lines and print in moderation. In my teens I was all about clashing, but I have since realised that I am most comfortable in a more laid back palette. I’m talking grey, black, blue and a little white.

On the subject of patterns: I know I do still like florals, but that I don’t want them to be cliché or twee. If I’m wearing a floral dress I want to toughen it up with boots or a leather jacket. I know I prefer stars to florals, and stripes to stars. I love stripes. Really love stripes. And I can’t really get enough of a striped top tucked into skinny jeans. It is perhaps unoriginal to the point of laziness, but team it with a bold lip and I’m happy. Maybe throw on a shirt unbuttoned over the top for layering

I know that leopard will always be my first love. That goes without saying: leopard will always have a place in my wardrobe. Above florals and above stars and above stripes – or maybe combined with stripes, because that is one clash I will still play with. And leopard print teamed with anything grey is the ultimate combination.

I know I love v-neck t shirts, usually in grey or black. I feel my best/sexiest (cringe) when I’m wearing a black v-neck with black jeans and ankle boots. It’s super casual, it looks like I’ve put zero effort in, and I am comfortable. That’s when I feel at my happiest. I also know that this means that I’m more of a jeans and t shirt girl than a dress person, which is fine, but it does mean I have to find alternative ways to feel fancy. Mostly that just means leather trousers.

I’m pretty positive that I suit a lower neckline way more than anything covered up. On that note, I am a big supporter of side-boob. Or front boob. A long, loose midi dress with a deep slit similar to those featuring in the Topshop Unique A/W 16 collection are my dream. On that note: I hate bras. I love not wearing a bra and flying free, which goes hand in hand with the side boob and the lower necklines. My tits are small so I can get away with pretty much never wearing a bra, which is ideal during the summer months.

don’t know whether I want my arse covered or not. Sometimes I think I look better with a longer shirt covering my hips, other times I want to accentuate those womanly features and get them out there. This one is still in progress.

I used to think I hated summer and loved winter, but I have realised this year that winter just means having to wear a sensible coat and cover up a perfectly good outfit. I have fallen out of love with winter. I want to wear a leather jacket or nothing, and I want to be able to showcase my substantial v-neck collection with pride.

Having said this, I also know that I want to wear boots pretty much all year round. Big feet do not suit sandals or other summer footwear. This may serve as a problem come July, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Boots are my friends – but only ankle boots; nothing higher. I’m considering a foray into trainers but that is an ongoing journey for another post.

I’m taking you on this journey with me and obviously the results will unfold right here on this very blog…so stay tuned, you know as much as I do at this point.

*please don’t.

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