Get Shirty

Another day, another blouse. This time I’m seeking inspiration from Miu Miu’s must-have frill blouses and turning to Topshop for help recreating the look. Luckily for me, good ol’ Topshop always has my back, and this gingham + roses delight caught my eye many weeks ago.

I talked recently about how I’ve been feeling slightly muddled in my style and unable to define how I actually want to dress. I think I want to be a person with a distinct style, and that sometimes I put too much pressure on myself to focus on a specific aesthetic, when really I should just do what I have always done, which is have fun with my clothes and wear whatever feels great. Sounds easy, right?

Well I realised that one thing I always love is a blouse. I have always, always had an appreciation for a good blouse, and I gravitate towards a good, billowing button-down as a failsafe fashion item. My collection is vast and every-growing, because I know that I will always feel confident in a simple blouse and jeans. Even when I go through phases where I think that I’m a person who only wears black v neck t shirts and black jeans, I always return to the blouse.

I spent my teens buttoned up and my twenties (thus far) buttoned waaaay down, so here’s to the blouse and my latest addition to the collection.

Outfit: blouse and jeans, both Topshop; boots, Zara



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