Wet Your Whistle: Gin Tasting at the Waldorf

I consider myself quite a difficult person to buy gifts for. Not because I’m not great at dropping hints, from a subtle sigh in a shop to a less subtle “this is a good gift for me”. Rather, I shop so much that I think it’s probably difficult for people to know what I haven’t bought. That’s not a humble brag of “what to buy the girl who has everything”, because I most certainly do not. Have everything, that is. I’m actually severely lacking in many areas, currently including but not limited to: leopard print boots, rings that I can stack and the perfect Boyfriend jeans.

However, one thing that my friends and family know with me is that I love alcohol, and because that runs out (quickly, in my household), you can always buy me some nice booze and I’ll be happy. That is how I ended up going gin tasting with my sister on a recent Saturday, because it was our Christmas gift from my brother and his girlfriend.

The tasting takes place in the bar at the Waldorf Hilton in Aldwych, a really nice setting. The tasting involved selecting four different types of gin and giving them a whirl, essentially. With tonic, of course. A man explained the history of each gin which was interesting, and it made me try something other than whatever is cheapest at my local supermarket for once. I obviously chose the four at the more expensive end, because I’m no fool and I’m still in that student mentality. Hendricks is always my favourite and I have to say that still stands, although I did enjoy sampling Tanqueray 10. The tasting is also accompanied by cream tea which is a nice addition, and they bring you extra scones without judgement when you’re three gins deep and getting hungry.

The tasting took about two and a half hours and was a really great gift for alcohol-lovers like myself and my sister. I would highly recommend as a great gift for any gin aficionados in your life!

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 09.53.26.png


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