Rodarte X & Other Stories

I’ve been a fan of Rodarte for a while now, and not just because of ever-lasting meme references to “those poor goddam Rodartes”, as lamented by Grace Coddington in The September Issue. Rather, I was drawn to the relaxed glamour and femininity of the brand, and I’m always excited to see what they have to offer each season. Those Mulleavy ladies have always been alright in my book, I’m sure they’ll be relieved to know. Poor goddamn Rodartes no more – nor ever were in my book – because their latest co-lab (which, FYI, I thought was ‘collab’ until recently) with & Other Stories has me swooning and running straight to the Regent Street flagship to get a piece of the action.

I loved a lot of the collection, and I feel like it was a really great combination of the minimalism of & Other Stories with the trademarks famous to Rodarte including stars and sparkles. I was so happy when I heard about the collaboration last year because it takes & Other Stories, a brand that I have a lot of love for, and enables me to have access to another brand that I have admired for a long time. With sequin silk wrap tops, crushed velvet shorts and patchwork boots, the focus on a rust, metallic and blush palette makes for a beautiful mash up between the labels, and I was really happy with the quality of each piece.

After much deliberation between a patchwork skirt in rust and silver tones, and a silver sequin silk wrap dress, I settled for the skirt. Purely on the basis that I can’t exactly wear a sequin dress every day (try telling my five year old self that), as well as the fact that the skirt was the first thing I was drawn to when I walked into the Regent Street flagship. The skirt showcases the Rodarte signatures of layering different textures, it evokes an easy Seventies throwback in the wrap style and asymmetric hemline.

I have teamed it here with a simple camel coloured top from Topshop, one of my go-to basics because it makes my boobs look great which is always nice, and boots from Zara. This wrap skirt is going to be my favourite statement item for the foreseeable future.

Photos by Sara Baena – check her out here and on Instagram.



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