Is Skirt Off Sick?

I’m currently in pursuit of The Wedding Suit. Not for my own, I will hasten to add before anyone, including my boyfriend, gets the wrong idea.I’m talking about the perfect suit that I can rock to a wedding I’m attending in August.

I’ve had this dream of buying a suit for a while now, and a wedding seems like the perfect excuse for a summer suit purchase. I’ve searched high and low thus far to no avail. I’ve tried numerous culotte suits, which tend to just make me look like someone out of Calendar Girls, which isn’t really ideal for a 24 year-old. There was even a moment when I thought that a tuxedo jacket dress, this Topshop dress, was appropriate for a wedding. Obviously it isn’t, given that it’s tits, ass, and almost everything in between, and I’m not sure I fancy flashing for free on this occasion.

However, since this dress really is too good to ignore I bought it anyway. It’s giving me Alexa Chung in Balmain X H&M vibes except in baby pink so even better, and I can serve up Working Girl (the movie not the occupation) in a subtly sexy way, which is always a win.

Man Repeller published a piece last year about how pants are overrated and really we can all just go without. For the first time, I second that motion. Whilst this dress does technically keep me covered, we’re still taking a risk particularly since I’m a girl who gesticulates and takes broad strides (high slit and low neckline). Let’s see how this one goes.

Outfit: Dress, Topshop; Boots, Kurt Geiger

Photos by Sara Baena.

Chloe Moss Look 06-06 Photography by Sara BaenaChloe Moss Look 06-03 Photography by Sara BaenaChloe Moss Look 06-02 Photography by Sara BaenaChloe Moss Look 06-05 Photography by Sara BaenaChloe Moss Look 06-01 Photography by Sara Baena



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