My Only Sundress

At the risk of being simultaneously a total English stereotype and a total bore, this summer weather sucks. We have had, I would estimate, the sum total of a week’s worth of sunshine since May, and that’s just not fair.

Despite the fact that we always have the same shit summer weather, I always prematurely buy one summer dress each season which I then get to wear about 3 times throughout the ‘summer’. I never learn, despite the predictability of our weather, and as a consequence I’m left with a wardrobe full of summer dresses severely lacking in airtime. They are almost always floral, almost always mid-length and will almost always involve either cut-outs or a low-cut neckline. That is the winning formula for summer dresses, in my opinion. Except that they never get worn.

This summer it was the turn of a mid-length Topshop wrap dress, purchased way back in April and, at the date of posting this, I’ve only worn it twice: once for a half hour trip to the pub, and secondly for the photos accompanying this post. I couldn’t resist buying it because not only does it have clashing prints, but it has a deep v-neck cut which requires me to go braless – this alone will sell me on pretty much any item. It also has a leg slit that makes me feel like Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Oscars, except clearly I am not that. At all. I am determined to wear this dress even if it means very visibly freezing my tits off, and I refuse to add a cami underneath for practicality.

Outfit: Dress, Topshop; Boots, Zara

Photos by Sara Baena.

Chloe Moss Look 01-07 Photography by Sara BaenaChloe Moss Look 01-03 Photography by Sara BaenaChloe Moss Look 01-05 Photography by Sara BaenaChloe Moss Look 01-06 Photography by Sara BaenaChloe Moss Look 01-02 Photography by Sara Baena



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