Cheap Frills

In recent months a strange change has come over my style. Having owned only one pink blouse (an incredibly old, tragically greying floral frill Topshop sale purchase which I refuse to throw away), I suddenly have an overwhelming amount of pink in my perfectly colour co-ordinated wardrobe.

A few years ago British Vogue wrote a great piece about the power of pink. They argued that no longer is it sickly sweet or childish, but rather a subtly sensuous and powerful colour to go for in any incarnation. A washed out baby pink lace cami can evoke memories of peak Courtney Love. Fuschia always makes me think of Gwen Stefani’s subversive wedding dress, iconic for the bold colour breaking up the traditional white gown. Gucci, now, is putting the sweetness back in pink with their kitsch collections worn by just about everyone and duped by those of us who can’t get the Gucci.

It’s not that I’ve ever had anything against pink – on the contrary. I’ve had a lifelong devotion to the colour, starting at an early age with my Barbie dolls, progressing onto an ill-advised baby pink vest emblazoned with HOTTIE in diamante aged 8 (weird you let that slide, mum), and culminating in a bright pink sequin-embellished Jaeger Boutique dress at my 21st birthday bash. In my make-up, even, a bold pink Bourgeois lipstick has been my staple for over a year now. So I’ve always had a great relationship with the colour and it has punctuated many seminal moments in my style history, whether I’ve realised it or not. It shouldn’t, then, come as a surprise that I have suddenly been gravitating towards pink in a much more overt manner.

It started with a pink Bardot top from Topshop. I was hesitant to buy into the cold shoulder trend this summer, but I couldn’t resist. And yet I sort of fell in love with it, even more so when I realised that the delicate peachy tone went perfectly with my blue eyes. Then I went for a pink leotard – THAT leotard that prompted such strong responses from certain males on the street. Cut to more recently and I fell for a frilly, delicately pink blouse from ASOS. It has frills and it’s sheer and, most importantly, it is a beautiful shade of pink. So obviously I went for it.

Outfit: Blouse, ASOS; jeans and shoes, both Topshop

Photos by Sara Baena.

Chloe Moss Look 05-01 Photography by Sara BaenaChloe Moss Look 05-02 Photography by Sara BaenaChloe Moss Look 05-03 Photography by Sara Baena



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