The Way You Make Me Feel

A few weeks ago during London’s flash heat wave I had a frightening realisation: none of my summer clothes from last year fit me anymore. Everything was too small. Having tried on every dress, cried the tiniest amount (I’m not ashamed to admit that), and been calmed by a supportive friend who informed me very sensibly that ‘bodies change’, I listed every offending item on eBay. Seems a rational response, right? So I panicked and felt like I had lost my ability to, well, dress.

Luckily enough, the late-night mass purge of my wardrobe made room in both my closet and my bank account for some new purchases, which brought this mid-length denim button-down skirt into my life. Having finally accepted that the mini is not my friend, I’m going full-out with comitting to the midi. This skirt is perfect because not only does it finally see me exploring another use for denim other than my boring skinny jeans, but it’s one of those super-adaptable wardrobe staples that savvier shoppers than me talk about.

So the skirt isn’t perfect I mean, it was pretty warm for mid-length denim. And I couldn’t move my legs with as much ease as usual and yeah, my little belly pooch did try to escape in the gap between two buttons. But you know what, I felt great in this outfit so I’m thinking that after my late-night irrational wardrobe freak-out, we’re probably onto a winner.

Talking of how great this outfit made me feel, I think it shows in these photos, which were taken after a few cocktails at Frank’s in Peckham, snapped by one of my best friends on my iPhone. I love my more professional-style blog photos and that I take my outfit posts more seriously now, but sometimes these sloppy, candid shots are all you need to show how much I love an outfit and how great I’m feeling, having taken a while to get there.

Outfit: skirt and blouse, both ASOS; leotard and sneakers, Topshop.

Photos by Elly Williams.



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