Bombers Away


During my recent trip to New York I shopped a lot, no shock there. In between inappropriately low-cute bodies and Sephora binges I hit up H&M. I haven’t shopped there properly in about two years, having only dropped in recently to pick up some of their work-out gear which is pretty amazing. On the last day of our trip I visited H&M and stumbled across this absolute gem of a find – a sequin bomber jacket.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bomber for a while. One that isn’t too padded and isn’t silky (I’ve seen too many of them this year and frankly am sick of the look). This jacket absolutely fits the bill because it’s super casual and loose, no padding at all but the sequins make it the ultimate statement jacket. Perfect to jazz up one of my many white or grey tops, I’ve been throwing it on over pretty much everything for the last month or so.

It is also perfect for practical reasons. At the risk of veering into incredibly dull territory, the weird weather we’ve had has been muggy and this beauty allows me to stay cool but covered all day long. Winning.

Outfit: Jacket, H&M; Top, ASOS; Jeans, Topshop; Boots, Kurt Geiger

Photos by Sara Baena.

Chloe Moss Look 02-01 Photography by Sara BaenaChloe Moss Look 02-03 Photography by Sara BaenaChloe Moss Look 02-02 Photography by Sara BaenaChloe Moss Look 02-04 Photography by Sara Baena


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