New Beginnings

The summer is over and with it a new season begins. Rather than writing about the new season from a style perspective, which will come later, I’m talking about another new beginning in my life.

As of September I went back to school, enrolling in a Journalism Master’s in London. I touched on this in my look back at my first year post-graduation, and here we are again. I have officially enrolled and embarked upon a year (well, technically 9 months) of studying. Am I insane?

Throughout my academic career I have always maintained that I am a ‘worker’: meant for the real working world, rather than the classroom. As predicted, everything I thought I knew about my career prospects were challenged over the last year, when I struggled through freelance life. I soon realised I needed more training, and not only more understanding of journalism, but also I needed to figure out what sort of journalist I want to be. The best place for me to do this, it seems, is back at school.

Here’s to a new season and a new beginning!

Before the weather turns to shit, I have been making the most of the sunshine, and spent a sunny Sunday wandering around Brixton, we hit up the Farmer’s Market (I hate us too) before settling at Pop Brixton for some dumplings and a pint.

I’m now looking forward to the next 9 months and a big change in my blog, as I’m starting to figure out where I want this whole thing to go, with the help of everything I’m about to learn.


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  1. Still sunny in London? Wow. Good luck on your studies.


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