Changing My Spots

I think it’s safe to say that I like a low-cut top. I decided a couple of years ago that the v-neck is my friend, and have gone all-in with the neckline. I have almost entirely rejected a high neckline on the premise that it doesn’t suit me. Until now.

I found this Topshop Boutique blouse during a routine sweep of the Oxford Circus store, on my birthday back in September to be precise. I was drawn in by the exaggerated sleeves, which is something I’ve been gravitating towards for winter. Expecting it to look bad because of the higher neckline and the amount of fabric that gathers around the neck, I tried it on. And here we are: I am, for once, covering up.

You may recognise this jacket as the dress I wore here. I’m pretty sure it is a dress, although I have been wrong before, including the other day when I was categorically told that the grey ‘dress’ I had just bought was most definitely a t-shirt. Anyway, as it goes, this dress doubles as a blazer, so I practically saved money by making this two-in-one purchase. Faultless logic. There seems to be a certain irony that I’m wearing a jacket that I used as a dress with a top that is more demure than my usual tastes.

Unrelated: I’m absolutely loving Topshop’s current offerings. I typically find this time of year really uninspiring on the high street because it’s such an in-between time of year, but Topshop is absolutely killing the game. They’ve got a huge selection of trends and styles and so much to choose from, and I’m really enjoying what’s on offer. The quality seems better, particularly in their basics, and there is a tonne of inspiration for me in there right now.

Outfit: Head-to-toe Topshop!


Photos by Sara Baena. Check out her work here and her Instagram here.




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  1. Love the outfit and your photos looks very cool! Love those sleeves and agree about Topshop killin it at the moment! X


  2. Lovely


  3. YAS girl. Love this outfit 🙂


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