A very merry Craig David Christmas on Oxford Street


Oxford Street ushered in the festive season with a day of celebrations to mark switching on the lights on London’s most famous shopping destination.

Stars including Craig David, The Vamps and X Factor 2015 winner Louisa Johnson were in attendance to celebrate the first big event of the festive season.

Oxford Street collaborated with children’s charity NSPCC for the event, creating the “NSPCC Little Stars” lights for Christmas 2016.

The street was pedestrianised, a new approach to the Christmas lights event, and street food stalls inhabited the busy area to provide shoppers with tasty treats whilst they browesed and waited for Craig David to make his appearance.

Despite the rain, and unable to resist the siren song of Craig David, I overcame my natural distaste for large crowds and made my way down to Oxford Street to experience the magic myself, and to get my first taste of Christmas.

I was met with a predictably vast crowd as I tried to make my way towards the nearest available cup of mulled wine. Having attended Battersea Fireworks the night before, where I had my first taste of that warm, ruby red treat, I was ready to continue to my slowly building festive feeling in the form  of more wine. Obviously, the best way to get in the mood for Christmas. I was sadly disappointed to not be greeted by Craig himself holding a cup, ready for me, whilst singing “Seven Days”.

I was also disappointed to realise that the sound for the entire production was not quite up to scratch, and I was left unable to hear a word of any song. Although thankful for this during The Vamps’ performance, not so much when Craig came on.

Before I inevitably lose my sense of festive fun due to the looming prospect of two-months of impenetrable crowds on Oxford Street, I allowed myself to enjoy the Christmas lights and the sense of excitement.




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