Mulled wine, feeling fine

I have finally restored the fur lining to my winter coat, dragged my cardigans out from the bottom of my wardrobe and, in a final act of accepting the weather, donned my tights of the first time this season.

For many, these might be symbols of resigning myself to the impending months of darkness, red noses and the total loss of feeling in my fingers. For me, however, this means one thing: mulled wine.

I have bee remarkaby late to the mulled wine game, having only discovered the heart-warming delight found in the bottom of a festive cup during Christmas 2015. However, like many things that I doscover later than everyone else (Lady Gaga, Broad City and couscous), I wholeheartedly embraced it as my tipple of choice. Now that November has come around, I will once again be indulging in regular cups of that spicy delight, be it an overpriced pour at a local pub or in the comfort of my own home, where I always make it scaldingly warm.

What, you might wonder, does mulled wine have to do with this beautiful dress from ASOS? Well, I wore tights for the first time in the season whilst shooting these snaps. Furthermore, the red and pink hearts can provide a stylish embodiment of my love for mulled wine. Obviously.

Outfit: Dress, ASOS; Boots, Kurt Geiger


Photos by Sara Baena. Check out her work here and her Instagram here


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