Springtime in December

Although the fictional Miranda Priestley mocked florals for spring as “groundbreaking”, I’d argue that the print is hardly anything new any time of year. However, I still love me a good bit of flower power, particularly as a tool to brighten up the darker months.

And I know, I know: we’ve all seen quite enough cut-outs this year to last us a lifetime, and I myself have lamented the way that the cold-shoulder phenomenon has been raging for far too long. And yet…I find myself still drawn to cut-outs in random places as an antidote for a more conservative look. Just a little peep of flesh, liberating your concealed arms, flashing in the most innocent of ways. 

Typically I steer clear of a high neckline because you know, my boobs are at their peak, so I really feel it’s important to, putting it bluntly, get them out as much as possible. That’s the honest truth.

However this dress caught my eye not just because it was Black Friday and ASOS had 20% off, but also because the clashing florals really brightened my day. I loved the contrasting dainty floral prints combined with the frills all over the dress, and I was even more of a fan of the cut. It is super flattering and fits like a glove. The sleeves are a little sheer, which adds a nice element compared to the thicker fabric of the main body. Basically, this is a dress with a lot of elements, making it interesting enough to force me to forgo my preferred, tit-happy outfits.

Outfit: Dress, ASOS and boots, Kurt Geiger


Photos by Sara Baena. Check out her work here and her Instagram here



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  1. This look is gorgeous


  2. This is such a unique dress! I love the cutout and the unique ruffles.

    xo Logan


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