Embracing Christmas Fashion Clichés

There’s something to be said for embracing traditional tropes of seasonal dressing. Christmas is one of these times. Break out the velvet, sparkles and all of the red you can find (if it’s your colour, that is). If there’s any way to force out the festive feeling then it’s by dressing like a slutty star. 

Case and point is this dress from Zara. It encapsulates many of the above qualifiers to make for a perfect Christmas cracker of a dress. It is full of silver sparkle and takes on a babydoll shape, the cut of choice for anyone wanting to look down right adorable. Most importantly, it is still in my own style, because it’s a bit sheer, adding extra intrigue.

I have worn this dress as much as possible throughout the festive period, and so far it has got me through three Christmas parties. Not too shabby at all for a dress costing just £30. The best part of it is this: it is loose. Which, for anyone who does December right, is a total godsend because loose = well hidden turkey bloat. And really, what is this period for but accepting that comfort is key and above everything else, you need to be able to smuggle ample mince pies under whatever you wear?

Outfit: Dress by Zara. boots by Kurt Geiger.


Photos by Sara Baena. Check out her work here and her Instagram here


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  1. Omg love that shirt dress! Absolutely gorgeous!



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