2016 Year in Review: A Year in Outfits

It’s a new year! How did I spend my final hours of 2016, you ask? Well, I was hungover from a night out on the 30th, meaning that I rang in the new year curled up under a blanket wondering what I did to deserve a vodka allergy (there is no allergy, I am just a wimp). I managed to stomach one G&T as the clock struck midnight, so all in all it was an uncharacteristically mellow night for me. And since I’ve been in a recovery cave the last few days, this post is a little bit late and technically a bit of a throwback. Out with the old, in with the new and all that. Once I’ve written this, of course.

Rather than commit to resolutions I won’t keep, or reflect on how far I’ve come as a person (we’ve already been there), I figured the only natural step was to build on last year’s post on my old, now defunct blog, and start a tradition and write an appraisal of my year based on my most notable sartorial statements.

The dress above is from my 24th birthday, which I celebrated back in September. 24 feels pretty good so far, and this floral number from Glamorous via ASOS was the perfect party dress for a birthday girl who loves to flash a little skin.

Rodarte X & Other Stories Skirt

Although I’m know for shopping a lot more than the average gal, I wouldn’t say that I make that many ‘big ticket’ purchases. A lot of what I buy is from our amazing British high street; my shopping diet consists mainly of Topshop, Zara and ASOS, as you already know.

However, when designers do a collaboration with a high street brand, I’m able to get a look in. Rodarte have always been one of my favourite labels, and I admire their collections every season. I was so excited for their collaboration with & Other Stories, another high street brand of choice for me, and agonised over which piece I could purchase.

This leather skirt fell into my life and I went to try it on three days in a row before I took the plunge and splurged. I’ve never regretted it because not only have I worn it all year round, but it has finally allowed me to have a little piece of one of my most beloved design duos.



As you’ll know from many of my whinier blog posts, I spent a year working freelance as a writer. The experience was a tumultuous one, and I faced a feast and famine situation in terms of work.

During a particularly frustrating period in which nobody wanted to pay me, I stumbled across this t-shirt on Idea Books. It summed up exactly how I was feeling in one word, and never have I felt so sartorially smug as when I could pose wearing this as a massive middle finger up to everyone who expects something for nothing.

Always an intern, never a bride. That’s how I referred to my year of working. I still cherish this t shirt because it’s irreverent, funny and it made me smile.

Chloe Moss Look 04-03 Photography by Sara Baena

Topshop Paisley Blouse

A few months after the above t-shirt, things sort of started looking up. I was published in a print magazine for the first time, and I was beyond excited to see my name in print.

I wore this top to the launch, teamed with jeans and metallic heels from Whistles. Whilst it might not be one of my most-worn items or one of my favourite tops, it will always remind me the first time I got something published in print.

Topshop blouse.png

ASOS denim skirt

After that, I experience a major lull in my style, but more importantly in my confidence. To put it bluntly, I did not like the way I looked.

Luckily for me my old-age habit of pouring my emotions into clothes actually paid off, and this tearful purchase on ASOS late one night became one of my favourite buys of the year. The denim midi skirt with a raw hem and subtle cut-outs at the bottom is one of those super easy, understated pieces that I could throw on every summer night to feel a little dressier. It is the perfect shape for my body and finally got me on the road to feeling great again.


 One Day Leotard

It is no secret that I’m a fan of a body. I’ve been wearing them in a lot of posts this year, and am constantly on the hunt for the perfect black leotard.

Back in August, I found it. Courtesy of ASOS, I discovered the brand One Day. Their basics are amazing, and this black leotard, with a few small buttons as embellishment, is probably one of the most flattering tops I’ve ever owned. I will admit that it’s hardly a subtle approach to cleavage, but I stopped caring about that the minute I tried it on and saw my tits. Sorry.

I lost it for the entirety of December, only for it to suddenly reappear when I had lost all hope. That, I think, demonstrates the depth of our connection. And yes I realise I’m talking about a top.

Zara tartan dress

This dress isn’t technically making it onto the blog until next week (spoiler alert), but I have not stopped wearing it since I bought it at the start of December. You know that feeling when you find something insanely comfortable but at the same time socially acceptable to wear outside? This dress is that, and again, I feel bloody brilliant wearing it.



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