Petersham Nurseries 

My absolute favourite weather is when it is really bloody cold, but incredibly sunny. That crisp weather where your breath lies in front of you. Sort of like many of the scenes in Pride & Prejudice where Keira Knighteley rambles around fields covered in frost, with the sun shining behind her.

On a day just like that I went for a wander around Petersham Nurseries. The Richmond countryside idyll has become somewhat of an Instagram favourite, with bloggers and “foodies” (I hate that word, soz) alike flocking there not just for a taste of their menu, but for a look inside the beautifully curated gardens. I snapped photos of the very nursery you’ve seen a lot of already, as well as taking the opportunity to showcase my latest “wacky sleeve” purchase from Boohoo. Keira Knighteley I am not, but I still made it happen in a Zara PVC skirt and Kurt Geiger boots.

It seems fitting that following Dior’s recent haute couture show, which saw typical fairytale tropes brought to life in the form of an enchanted forest set, that I show off some of what I saw at the nurseries.


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