Bottom Heavy

Because I was #blessed with hips later on in my development I am, to put it bluntly, a fucking weird proportion. I’ve been blessed with hips and a butt, which is all well and good, except my small tits and waist mean that I don’t exactly comply with traditional womenswear sizing.

Take jeans, for example. I’m a devotee of Topshop denim, specifically their Jamie jeans. I like the shape, the denim, and the fact that they can charge an extra fiver just for a ripped knee and a wonky ankle hem. I respect that audacity. However I find myself at a loss when it comes to sizing. I can fit the size 8 jeans on a good day, although after a wash they do take a little persuading to move further than my lower arse. Nothing screams ‘wake up call’ like your buttocks resting comfortably on the edge of your jeans, like a sturdy shelf, with little intention of moving unless I submit myself to a Bridget Jones-style dance manouever around my bedroom.

But if I go a size up, the jeans are too big on my waist, and inevitably stretch over time to give me knees baggier and sadder than a plastic bag floating down the road in the wind. Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, really is a sad sight to behold.

Non-denim trousers are a particular struggle. The aforementioned Tricky Hips render it somewhat difficult to find a pair of tapered trousers, an item I constantly lust after, that will fit both my larger hips and smaller waist whilst also not totally restricting my thighs. Because of this I have grown afraid to wear any leg shape other than a skinny fit, which does get pretty boring.

All I’m saying is this: Can we please provide some more nuanced sizing? I realise this is pretty much an impossible feat, but there must be a whole host of women in the same boat as me, who need an elusive ‘size 9’. When you’re straddling the line between a size 8 and a size 10, it’s really irritating that you can’t just shop on the ‘high street’ and pick an ordinary size with ease. I can’t be alone on this one, because there must be a lot of other ladies with the same problem.

And yes, I am trying to match my sleeve size to my arse size. That seems logical.

Outfit: Jeans and boots, both Topshop; jumper, Boohoo


Photos by Sara Baena. Check out her work here and her Instagram here



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  1. I started grinning like an idiot at the “plastic bag floating down the road in the wind”. p.s. the third to last photo is fantastic. Also – who knew there is an actual cost for rips in clothes ?!


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  3. My dear fellow blogger—Chloe, your shape is just wonderful! As is your outfit (I LOVE SWEATERS—EVEN ON ME!). Stop short-changing yourself! (Boy, am I the one to talk). Your shape is hot just as it is—wish I were a whole lot younger—-but from the rings on a chain, someone already likes what they see! ❤


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