How to know when to say when

Just in case anyone has noticed, I’ve been taking a little break from blogging recently. Aside from the odd Cubicle post, things have been relatively quiet around here.

The reason for this lacklustre approach is twofold, so I’ll start with the simplest. I have been bloody busy. I’m currently doing a master’s in London and this has taken up a huge chunk of my time and energy – mostly the latter, if we’re honest.

The second reason is sort of connected in that I think I was rapidly approaching the dreaded burn-out due to the aforementioned exhaustion. I’ve been working really hard and getting frustrated by a lot of aspects of my current situation (still being in education), which has led me to work harder and have less fun, and, in turn, have become completely strung-out by the whole cycle. I suddenly found myself both anxious and listless all at once, completely tired of London which is NOT something I thought I would ever say, and generally unwilling to really put any effort into anything, even something as small as wearing make-up to university, that would make me feel better. I was well and truly knackered. I had to recognise that enough was enough and cut back on a few things, and the first thing to go was my blog.

What this whole experience has taught me is the importance of recognising when you’re at your limit. I didn’t think that burn-out was something that could really have any significant effect on my life, but I have absolutely felt the effects of it in the last three months. This is not a ‘woe is me’ post, but I think it is crucial that we discuss this feeling because it’s so bloody common that we might as well treat it like having a cold.

At the end of the day I finally realised how crucial ‘self care’ is. That somewhat elusive term being thrown about by every wellness website and lifestyle section is not to be sniffed at – the last three months have really shown me how much of a ‘thing’ self care is. It’s difficult and it’s personal, but it is well worth the time. For me, I found a cringe ‘indie roadtrip’ playlist on Spotify, lit more candles than is probably advisable for someone so clumsy, had a bath and then did my hair. Simple as that but it made me feel the tiniest bit more human. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’ve reached enlightenment and have reversed the burn-out, but I reckon I’ll get there.

Outfit: Skirt, ASOS; leotard, River Island; boots, Kurt Geiger



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