Tarts and vicars: The unsung sartorial heroes in Bridget Jones

Having said that I was back blogging after a minor break, I appear to have failed miserably.

Luckily I have been shopping up a storm the last few months as a means of self-medicating/retail therapy at its finest, so I have a whole host of new items ripe for snapping. However, although I seem to have all of the clothes, I appear to have lost all of the words. Sorry. I’m a deadline-ridden student spending all of my words on essays and have very few ideas left for blog posts…In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll just say that now.

This Topshop blouse spoke to me like no other because it reminded me of a specific scene in Bridget Jones. The bit where she’s at her family party and everyone things one of the women came dressed for the ‘Tarts and Vicars’ without realising it had been cancelled. This blouse, with its frills and polka dots and lack of buttons (it hangs precariously joined by two thin ties) gives me that Tarts an Vicars life which I hope to breathe into all of my wardrobe.

Polka dots have been positively everywhere this season which I for one am delighted by. Topshop in particularly has grabbed that trend and clung onto it, and I’ve fallen for all of their super girly and frivolous dotty pieces.

Outfit: Blouse and jeans, both Topshop; loafers, Zara




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  1. The polka dot top is so beautiful! I love the whole look, you look very elegant!
    Lets follow each other!
    Love from http://tbymallano.com/


  2. I love the global composition of your look, and your bags are so pretty ❤


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