The perfect fit

I have always been a fan of in-depth discussions about my butt. Those familiar with this blog will know that I spend a great deal of my time contemplating my body shape, which suddenly changed aged 19, when I sprouted more generous hips and, of course, the butt. That’s not to say that I’m the lost Kardashian or even giving Daisy Lowe a run for her money, but my butt is most certainly present. If not always obvious to others, it most certainly is in my thoughts.

I have also spoken in brief about my denim discovery at the tender age of 14 when, during my inaugural year shopping at Topshop, I finally embraced the skinny jean. More important in this denim trajectory is my longstanding committment to the Jamie jeans specifically. Because never, I will argue with confidence, has there been a more perfect skinny jean that Topshop’s Jamies.

A year ago I embarked on an ill-advised foray into the ‘Mom’ jean, before quickly realising, after a few short months spent in the undeniably comfortable fit, that when you’ve been blessed with big hips and a butt to match, you really need a little more support. Thank you, Jamie, for that support.

Excluding last year’s straying, I have been faithful to the Jamie jeans for as long as I can remember. It’s all a bit weird because that’s the name of my sister’s boyfriend, so to be crediting Jamie with the support of my arse would feel wrong if these jeans didn’t feel so right. I’ve gone for every colourway Topshop has had to offer, every embellishment, every ripped knee, thigh, mullet ankle, shiny coating – you name it, that incarnation of Jamie has swathed my thighs. And thank god for the variations to keep the love alive between me and these jeans. What a joy it is that one simple cut of denim can provide me with years and years of delight.

I’ll end on this: What I have discovered, along with the gradual realisation that my leg length has been wrong until this year (all about that length 34 for the extra high waist, pro tip), is that what you really need to love your butt is the love of a good pair of jeans. Thank you, Topshop.

Outfit: Jeans and jumper, both Topshop; Boots, Kurt Geiger.


Photos by Sara Baena. Check her out here and on Instagram.


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