À la mode

I’ve been thinking a lot about slogans recently, mainly because I’m currently working on a long piece about the divisive nature of political slogans in fashion right now. Then I had myself wondering why the only slogans I can get on board with are those written in French. I own no fewer than three t-shirts with French words on them, which is more than enough, really. And I don’t understand why I can embrace these French slogans, but the mere sight of a ‘FEMME FOREVER’ emblazoned across the chest of a plain white tee fills me with horror.

For the record, I speak passable French, so it’s not like I don’t know what these t-shirts say and I’m revelling in the mystery. Oh no.

I’ve spoken before about my complex relationship with slogan-laden clothing, namely, how much I hate the weird words Zara seem to nonsensically pair together on their pieces. But I feel like my one consistent exception is anything written in French. I mean, chuck the lyrics to Lady Marmalade on a top and you’ve got yourself a sale, my friend. Which is why for a long time now, I’ve been really keen on owning a Whistles tee. Whistles can always be relied upon for a good bit of French on a nice piece of cotton, and I finally allowed myself to purchase one recently.

I’m leaving for Paris on Thursday and my suitcase is packed with two of my t-shirts, including the below, so I will be fully embracing the tourist cliché.

Outfit: T-shirt, Whistles; leather skirt and boots, both Topshop


Photos by Sara Baena. Check her out here and on Instagram.


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