Shopping in Paris

Anyone who knows me knows that I basically turn shopping into a sport. Tooting my own horn, I’m a really good shopper. I get excited by good shit that I find when I shop, none more so than when I’m in a new place and I stumble upon different spots that I would never find in my own city.

Aside from my beloved London and, of course New York, Paris is probably the spot where I have the most shopping experience in recent years. Since I’ve been visiting a lot over the last two years due to the city being my parents’ base, I have got a lot of experience of shopping in Paris.

Here are a few of my favourites. Some are more obvious spots, particularly the bigger department stores, but I’ve also included a few of my favourite bookshop and interiors finds.


I have wanted to go to Colette for years, and finally made a trip this May. It reminded me a lot fo Dover Street Market because of cool brands. The magazine selection was particularly tempting to me, and I spent ages browsing the shelves. I was also really impressed by their relatively small beauty department, where I found a host of brands I was familiar with as well as being introduced to some new cult beauty products. The store is beautiful and busy and full of unique finds.



This was a random find during a routine hunt for lunch and pink wine. I was wandering with my mum and when it comes to bookshops, I really am a magpie. I saw overcrowded shelves through the window, and boxes of books lining the outside window sill and had to have a look. The tiny bookshop is home to a huge selection of books from every genre, and I found an amazing book about alcohol during Gorbachev’s prohibition. The book contains a short history of alcohol in Russia, and mainly has page after page after page of anti-alcohol propaganda posters. I love the artwork, so I had to buy it for my bedside table.


In terms of department stores, Printemps is one of my favourites. Not only does Printemps call home an incredibly beautiful building, but the brands that the house, and the way that they present every individual brand, is beautiful. I get so excited walking around each floor looking for new brands. During my last visit I fell in love with Samsoe & Samsoe, a Scandinavian brand which is all about simplicity. They have such a huge range of designers, and their jewellery floor is something to behold. I go there to lust after Jerome Dreyfuss handbags and gawk at the amazing window displays.


This homeware shop was another recommendation from my mum, and she bought me a beautiful illustration of different designers there which lives in my bathroom. The homeware and clothes shop has an amazing selection of quirky brands, and is ideal if you want to find some Parisian gifts that are a little more unique. Very Instagram-worthy displays (dare I say it), and the mens’ grooming section has me buying musky-scented gifts for myself.

Yvon Lambert Bookshop

During a hunt for eclaires I dragged my friends into this bookshop, which I was attracted to yet again for the overcrowded shelves. The small shop is made up of two rooms, with one full to bursting of amazing independent magazines and art books. I fell for a book about the photographer Ren Hang, but somehow managed to resist. The second room is more sparsely stocked, with polaroids on the shelves and exhibition cases of special editions.

Galeries Lafayette

Although this is absolutely to be avoided on the weekend (much like any department store), Galeries Lafayette has to make this list because it has the most beautiful roof and, if you venture high enough, the most beautiful rooftop views. Hectic doesn’t quite describe the crowds, and, having been at peak times – Christmas, Easter, any given Saturday – I can confirm that this is a haven for every savvy shopper.


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