The Perfect Fit

I did it. I hit the holy grail of dresses. At the tender age of 24 (okay, pushing 25), I have found the dress of my dreams. That one dress that we all fantasise about, sketch out poorly in our dreams and on paper. The dress that has us mere mortals wishing we had a scrap of design talent. Well, I hate to sound smug, but I found The Dress.

We all know the dangers of going shopping with too specific an item in mind. All I was asking for was a perfectly fitted but somehow floaty, mid-length dress in a timeless print with a very, very pungling neckline. Hardly asking the world, am I now?

The long hunt came to a head earlier this year, when I had a specific event as an excuse to shop (for once). My flatmate and I were attending a May Ball in Cambridge, and, as a person who champions comfort and, as we’ve already established, cleavage, I was on the hunt for a dress that could reconcile the two. Enter, Bec & Bridge. The Australian brand which miraculously encapsulates everything I want in ‘going out out’ clothing.

As has been made obvious on this blog, I’m no stranger to a plunging neckline. Clearly I’m comfortable, confident, even, with a perilously low top. This completely unsubtle style is when I feel my best, and Bec & Bridge nailed it with this dream star print number. It’s floaty and fits like a glove (maybe a fingerless glove, given the amount of flesh on show – remember when those were a thing?). With the help of a great deal of double-stick tape in place you couldn’t even imagine – mainly, inexplicably, my belly button, I felt amazing when I slipped on this dress. Anyway, the hunt is over. Until I start dreaming of another dress, that is.

Outfit: Dress, Bec & Bridge (via ASOS); heels, Topshop


Photos by Sara Baena. Check her out here and on Instagram.


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  1. I love the hole in the back of the dress. Such a great touch to this adorable dress.

    xo Logan


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